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04 August 2017

Chrome to Soon have Google’s InBuilt Ad Blocker

Chrome to Soon have Google’s InBuilt Ad Blocker

Google is said to be providing publisher companions with recommendations about what qualifies as intrusive commercials, to assist them to avoid being protected in the marketing blocked by way of the brand new characteristic, in step with a Wall road magazine file from June. The blocked content might be determined with the aid of what a cross–enterprise business enterprise called the Coalition for higher advertisements, of which Google is a member, list as offensive. These consist of repeated pop-ups which Chrome already includes a local placing to the dam and so-known as presidial ads that prevent content from being proven, often tied to a countdown timer.

The report also claimed that Google goes to make the function live sometime in 2018, after publishers have time to study their own advertising practices with a committed tool, and that the hunt agency is preparing a brand new tool on the way to ask site visitors to disable advertisement blockers, or pay for an ad–unfastened bypass to the website online.

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Google has not released the official date it will be released, but frim the way we see things now, its expected to come very so. So stay glued to us.

31 May 2017

5 Reasons Every Business Needs A Google Account In 2017

5 Reasons Every Business Needs A Google Account In 2017

Tech Giant Google, With its simplicity in structure and an extensive variety of features, has perpetually maintained an honest level of respect among its users. With one Google account you’ll be able to do a ton of attention-grabbing things that actually would change your online business like never before. During this article, am giving a brief overview what all we ought to get as soon as have a google account in our businesses.

Google Analytics
Knowing who, how, and from where a person is traveling to your website are crucial metrics for any enterprise to measure. Have a simple, however in-depth interface to do the measuring can be highly-priced – except you use google analytics. A free website metrics tool, google analytics can offer an evaluation of your website visits, key phrases, or even web browsers used. If you haven’t created and positioned the monitoring yourself, your webmaster can easily do it and upload you as an administrator. all using your one google account username and password.

Have you usually felt you need to specific yourself and need a platform online. nowadays blogs have grown to be very robust media where people specific their views, proportion their studies and expertise and preserve their very own write-ups. you may create your personal online life – your blog free with your blogger account.

By creating a Google+ account under one username and password, you can show your photo next to your articles, blogs, etc. when they appear in a Google search. Studies are shows that more folks are clicking the links with the author’s photo next to them.

Gmail is a free email account that has as said near to unlimited storage capacity. Along with sending and receiving the emails, you can manage your emails by classifying them under different labels (groups), you can search within your mailbox, integrated Gchat (to chat (audio and video) with your contacts) and a very efficient spam handling techniques. You can also retrieve permanently deleted emails from your Gmail just like it is possible to recover data from your hard drive.

You could add your very own movies or the videos you like in this portal with your google account. In reality, you can rate others videos if you have your personal account. Nowadays Youtube has come to be very attractive exposure media as humans have a facility to upload any number of motion pictures for marketing their brands or themselves. Whatever may be your areas of excellence or your alternatives to share, videos express a lot more than just a text or a voice.

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30 May 2017

Google Now Makes Your Search Results More Personal

Google Now Makes Your Search Results More Personal

Google is increasingly getting complete and offers more and more solutions to users to group all their information. Using this permission, the American tech giant Google has now introduced the new personal search method, which lets you search for content in Google Photos and Gmail.

 When we want to do a search, the likelihood of us relying on Google’s search engine is huge because of the reliability of its results. Throughout the ages, the technological giant Google has been trying to constantly improve its system, trying to offer its users ever more complete, accurate and adapted service. So in order to merge the whole search part into a single site, a new search engine option has now been added that lets you find results within Gmail and Google Photos. Now, when doing a search, next to the option to search for videos, photos, news and maps, will now appear a new option to search for personal content.

 This new method will only be available when the user has logged into their own account and will search for content that you have in your Google Photos and Gmail with the keyword you decide to search. This is the first step in focusing all your search within the Google ecosystem on one site, making it easy for us to find our files.

 So, what do you think about this new feature? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below

23 May 2017

How To Use Google As Proxy Server

How To Use Google As Proxy Server

Internet usage is exponentially increasing day by day. Along with the increase in the number of users and devices connected to the internet, security concerns are also increasing. As the internet is free of any law, and people are free to do whatever they want on the internet, most governments all over the world are looking for ways to prevent piracy and content protection online. There are several platforms such as YouTube block content in order to prevent copyright infringement. Local governments hold the power to order ISPs to block websites that they feel are a threat to the society.

The next level of blocking occurs on public networks such as schools, colleges, hotels etc. Schools and colleges block downloading sites as well as social media networks. There are many other public internet connections that block certain websites due to one reason or the other. But, the internet is a world built by the geeks and there is hardly anything that can be termed as impossible. Hence it is actually possible to bypass blocks to access websites on the internet by using proxy server sites. Today, in this article we are going to tell you how you can access blocked internet content via Google and its services by using Google as proxy server. There are two methods to access blocked content by using Google as a proxy server and let us tell you how.

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How To Use Google As Proxy Server To Access Blocked Content.

As stated above, there are two ways to use Google as a proxy server. While your ISP or public network host will think you are using a Google service, your screen will actually show the original content of the blocked website. Let us begin with the Guide to using Google as a Proxy Server to access Blocked Content.

Method 1:- Google Weblight.
Google weblight is a Data saving technique used by chrome web browser. It routes your web page through Google’s own servers where it is optimised for low data and quick loading. This modifies your URL and hence blocking programs can not recognise the content. This method to use Google as the proxy server is very quick and effective. Just follow the simple steps given below to use Google as a Proxy server and access blocked content using google weblight.
  • Enter the URL of the blocked content in the format given below.
  • Replace URL HERE with your URL.
Hence, This is how you can use Google as a proxy server using Google Weblight service.

Method 2:- Google Translate.

This method involves the use of Google’s website translator service to bypass blocks and access blocked content by using Google as a proxy server. Google has the power to open any website and translate its content to any of the supported language. This can be used to show the entire website on the screen via Google translate. Here’s how to do so.
Step 1. Go to https://translate.google.com and in the text box, paste the URL that you want to visit.
Step 2. Choose any language other than the language the web page is in.
Step 3. Click the “Original” button in the top right corner to view the original web page.
Hence, This is how you can use Google as a proxy server using Google Translate service. Share this post and remain blessedto

Google To Start Blocking Rooted Android Device From Downloading  From Google Play store

Google To Start Blocking Rooted Android Device From Downloading From Google Play store

Recently, Google has changed its policy on Google Play thereby preventing users with rooted device from downloading apps from Google’s official storefront.

This news came to light when user with root access or permission tried to download the new update for Netflix which rolled out on Google Play few days ago but unable to download because of the change in Google Policy and since I'v rooted my Android, i decided to try things out to see for myself only to discover i can't download the new updated Netflix app from Google play store and what i saw was "Your device isn't compatible with this version". If you have rooted your device, then you’ll likely find this message "Incompatible" on Google Play, with updated changelog stating that: "version 5.0 only works with devices that are certified by Google and meet all Android requirements".

With this new development, it can be said that more apps may join the ranks of Netflix in time come. The new Device catalog also allow developers to choose whether their apps should be accessible to root users directly from Google Play or not.

There is no need to panic or worry as you will be pleased to hear that these restrictions won’t necessarily prevent apps from working on your devices, it simply means rooted device won’t have access to apps from Google Play. There are also several 3rd party stores and also sites where you can easily download your needed app on your rooted device.

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Although these changes to the platform are sure to annoy some people including me but i believe they are being made with security improvements in mind but unfortunately, they may also negatively affect Android OEMs who are not using Google's certification.