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29 December 2017

Right Ways to make Backup for Ransomware Protection

You might have had some important stuff in the past that you didn’t want to lose and so you decided to make a backup of them. The problem is that you lose the backup even before you lose the main copy.
In most cases, the backup is not an actual backup, but simply a copy of an original file. How could you rely on a copy that will not be present in your time of need?
While making a backup, there are several things to consider, but the main ones are:

√ Security
√ Size of backup
√ Storage location
√ Format

  • Security

The location that you are storing your data should be secure enough from both malware and hackers. Most people archive important documents in accessible areas and end up giving out confidential materials to hackers. It should at least have top-notch anti-malware software installations.

  • Size of backup

The backup size should be less than or equal to the storage size. You should not create large archives that will not fit in your storage location. You should also consider small sizes for cloud storage.

  • Storage location

It is not advisable to store a backup in the same location as the original file. The backup should be placed on cloud or an external drive. These are the safest storage locations for any catastrophic event.

  • Format

Your backup should have a format that is compatible with the storage location specifications. Some cloud storage services, for example, prevent people from backing up .png images as they are much larger than .jpg images.

Now that all that is settled, here is how you can make a clean back up:

Step 1: Archive the data

To avoid corruption of files or even just scattered files, you need to archive the data. Archiving should be done in a malware free setting, in that you should have installed an anti-malware program to prevent infections.
The simplest way to archive data is by placing them in a folder. The problem with this is that they probably will get infected sooner or later.
The best way to archive data is by placing it in an ISO archive. ISO archive cannot get infected and you can mount them on File Explorer. This way, you can access your files without extracting them.

Step 2: Encrypting the data

This step is only important when you fear attacks from hackers… or you just don’t want to take any chances. The data can be encrypted using any of the archiving software available in the market. The best example of the software that you should use if WinRAR.
It is unsure of why they have not taken any measures to make the software safer in terms of subscriptions, but it is one of the best archiving tool that is on the market.
To encrypt data with WinRAR just choose the option of adding passwords to the archives from the tab that appears.

Step 3: Replace the actual backup

By replacing the backup, it means that you place it in a different location other than the drive the original document is existing.
During a viral infection, most of the documents get destroyed. The ISO file is immune to the viral infection.

The only thing that you would not anticipate, is the OS getting banged up. Without a running operating system, you cannot recover the archived document unless you remove the hard drive and put it into another machine.
Who wants that anyway? There is a chance that the antivirus in the 2nd PC will just erase everything from the drive… like I always do.

This is why it is advisable to save your documents on another drive. The drive should also be separate from the PC that the other copy is in.
If you do not have any physical drive that you can save your data on, but you have a reliable internet connection, why not save it on cloud?
Saving stuff on cloud is the best way that you could ever ensure that your files will be safe for eternity… unless they magically disappear.

If you are planning to save a huge amount of data on cloud, you should try OneDrive. OneDrive offers unlimited amount of storage space and is more secure than Google Drive, which only offers 15GB, which is shared within your account.
OneDrive also syncs your data between your devices. This means that if there is a malware existing on your backup, your local antimalware software will remove it from both your local device and from cloud.

22 December 2017

How to Change Facebook Profile Name Before 60 Days

Facebook is the best place to interact with friends. With over 1 billion people on the social platform, Facebook is also the best way to spend extra time online. We can even stay updated on what is trending and viral. Basically, we use Facebook to share our status, images, and our memories. But before using Facebook we need to provide some personal information which is required by Facebook to make the user experience better. We add personal details so that, our friend can easily find us.

Sometimes we want to use different names to make our profiles unique and attractive. As we already posted trick about How to make Single Name Account on Facebook Which is working great. The problem is with changing profile name, i.e, Facebook Basically allows us to change the profile name once or twice in 60 days, but Using this killer trick you can easily change facebook profile name before 60 day.

So to know how to change your facebook name before 60 days, we have to first know if the Name limit has been imposed; Below is how to check it:

  • First Of All, Go to Setting then Click On General Account Setting And Click ‘Edit Name’ and Confirm that Limit is currently Present Or Not.
  • If the Limit Exist then you will not able to click On the name, thus there should be a note About ‘Name Change limit‘, Which looks like:-
Now if the lemit has been imposed on the account, next is to change the nameif the limit exist. Kindly follwo the stepts below to do it:

  • Change facebook Name if Limit Exist.
  • After checking out limit, if you still want to continue then Click Here
  • Now, Click on ‘Continue Button’, As in the screenshot below. This link is actually for securing and recovering account from hacking.
  • Next, you need to change your password but no need to change any other information ( Email Id’s, Mobile Number. Etc)
  • Next, a message will appear which show your recently changed account names.
  • Then all the previously used names will be displayed and select any of the listed name available there.
So, This was the article about changing the facebook profile name before 60 days. Hope you enjoy this tricks. For any query or suggestions comments below, and don’t forget to share.Remain blessed.

16 December 2017

MTN Game Plus Free Browsing With Goodiestech VPN

Hello guys, i bring to you the trick to use the 1.5GB we got as a Christmas offer from MTN to power all app. So if you haven't gotten your own 150MB which can be accumulated to 1.5GB, head over to This Post to see how to get your free game plus MB now.

As i also said earlier, we will be using our own Official VPN for the trick to use MTN game plus to power all the apps on our smartphone.
So before we proceed to the trick to use MTN Game Plus MB to power all apps in our smartphone, we will require the following;


√ A very strong 3g or 4g network
√ Your android device
√ MTN sim with 0.0k balance
√ Goodiestech Official VPN - Download Now


How To Power All Apps With MTN Game + Data
1. Firstly, download Goodiestech VPN from the link above.

2. Install and launch the app and set it up as below

- Tick Remove Port
- Proxy Type – Real Host
- Proxy Server –
- Real Proxy Type – Inject
- Real Proxy Server – 80
Or you can use the screenshot below to set it

- Now you can save but don’t Connect yet.
- Go to More Options and configure as below

- Host Address –
- Host Port – 8080

3. Save and Go back

4. Choose either USA or Best Performance as your preferred region.

5. Now hit connect. It should connect within 1-2mins

So thats it guys. If you have aby complains about it, dont hesitate to shoot your comments below. Stay glued and remain blessed.

MTN XMAS BONUS: How To Get Free MTN Game+ 150MB Data and N500 Airtime

Hello guys, as we all know, we are now in the season of Christmas and MTN has proven that they are one of the best Network provider in Nigeria. MTN season of surprise is still up and running with different offers from the telco company.

Just like the free 100MB data they gave to some subscribers early this month, December 2017, MTN is still giving out another free 150MB data for Game+ which i will show you how to accumulate up to 1.5GB and free N500 airtime.

The free 150MB Game+ data is only usable on MTN's game website where you can choose from different types of games including Racing, Sports, Music, Action, Strategy, Role playing, Puzzle and Cas-ino games.

In this post, I'll quickly show you how to get your own free 150MB MTN Game+ data and how to accumulate it up to 1.5GB. Then in my next post, you will see the trick on how to use it on all your apps with our own Official VPN app.
MTN game plus free mb


It's very simple to activate, just sms “XMAS” in capital letter to “2200” and you’ll be credited with free 150MB Game+ data bonus and N500 to celebrate Christmas. The data is valid for 7 days and you can as well check your data balance by dialling *131*4#.

MTN game plus free mb

To get more that 150MB, you have to  cancel auto renewal before data expires, just sms STOP to 2200. Then you send XMAS to 2200 again. Just keep doing it like that; when you reach 1.5GB, stop sending the SMS to avoid being blacklisted by MTN.

So for now, what you have to do is to get the 1.5GB now. In our next post, i will show you how to use in in all your apps with our own native VPN app. Stay glued and remain blessed.

13 December 2017

Get Free Data for 12 Months When You Buy 9mobile Rhino 2 Phone

Earlier this month, 9mobile launched a new smartphone Rhino 2, which I posted previously on this blog. Well today, 9mobile officially announced it's giving out free data for 12 months to anyone who buys the smartphone.

Below is the official tweet 9Mobile handle posted on Twitter to declare the free data

Get the #9MobileRhino2 on this Season and also enjoy up to 12 months of FREE data! #9mobileEshop #GiveBetaGift9ja

The price of Rhino Phone is N14,500 plus free data for 12 months. As of now,  they didn't specify the data capacity for each month. So till then, stay glued to us so we deliver the specific amount of data allocated. 

12 December 2017

Download PPSSPP Gold V1.5.3 Apk For Android Free

PPSSPP Gold which is the premium version of PPSSPP emulator for Android is now available for Android. So all  PSP Game lovers can now download the updated version and enjoy new amazing features on their Android or Tablet smartphone. The latest version of PPSSPP Gold version comes with some new functionality which also fixes some bugs.


✔️ 1.5.3 has some crash fixes.
✔️ Full Vulkan support. Very fast on supported devices.
✔️ Partial PSP GPS and camera support (reason for the new permissions!)
✔️ Support for Arabic
✔️ Fix Android widgets, screen scaling
✔️ Geometry problems fixed in Medal of Honor
✔️ Implement immediate draws, setting Thrillville
✔️ Hardware tesselation of PSP Beziers and Splines (used by a few games)
✔️ Sustained performance mode to avoid thermal throttling
✔️ Assorted bugfixes and compatibility improvements

When it comes to the best PSP Emulator, PPSSPP Gold is always the best. Why? Because it's swift and easy to access all kinds of PSP Games on Android or Tablet smartphone including PC. PPSSPP Gold is better than PPSSPP Blue because the file size is smaller and of course it doesn't lag when playing the game. So update now to avoid lagging. Also share and remain blessed.

07 December 2017

How To Save A Video From Facebook To Your Computer

Facebook, as we all know, is a massive online community with more than 1 Billion active users. In Facebook, different people, pages or group do upload or share fantastic comedy videos or any type of videos. Some of this videos are sometimes educating, entertaining, funny and exciting. Usually, we can easily share these videos to our timeline, page or group, but what about when we want to save the video so that we can reaccess it without using the internet again. This becomes a problem to those who don't want to waste their internet data again. Typically, our smartphone can save Facebook videos using some third party app which Computer does not have due to different operating system and those who use PC to access their Facebook do find it disappointing when they fail to save Facebook videos on their PC

So, Today I am back with a fantastic article on how to save a Facebook videos on your computer and we shall be doing that without any third party app.

So without wasting so much time let’s check out the article on How to save a video from Facebook to your Computer. Currently, there are two methods which you can save Facebook videos to your PC. Soi will be highlighting booth ways for you so that you can choose which one that is best for you.


How To Save A Video From Facebook To Your Computer With

So Before telling you the method of how to save a video from facebook let me tell your requirements that are required:-

✔️ Internet Connection
✔️ Your PC
✔️ Brain

Now Let's check out method how to save a video from Facebook on your computer
  • Firstly, you need to go to your video that you want to download.
  • After finding that video you have to right click on that video and click on show URL and copy that URL
  • After copying the url just go to and paste your url.
  • Now after pasting the URL in save from it will show the quality option just choose your quality according to you and download it.
That’s the first method on how to download facebook videos in your computer


How To Save A Video From Facebook Directly To Your Computer

Like I said earlier, if the first way is not suitable for you, you can try this second way on How To Save A Facebook Video On Your Computer
  • After finding that video, you have to right click on that video and click on show URL and copy that URL
  • Then open a new tab on your browser and paste the video link there.
  • Now you need to change www to m it will open that video in mobile mode.
  • Now you need the right click and click on save button.
So That’s How To Save A Video From Facebook Directly To Your Computer. I hope you like my this article on How To Save A Video From Facebook Directly To Your Computer. If you like this article share it with your friend because sharing is caring. Stay glued and remain blessed.

06 December 2017

Google Go Now Officially Launched in India and Indonesia

The biggest name on the internet today, Google has lunched Google Go to help people in countries with slow internet connection and is doing everything possible that people, even in countries with slow internet connection can surf the net without stress.

Just as Google lunched Youtube Go India which can still be downloaded from Apk Sources like ApkPure, ApkMirror for people outside India in a country like Nigeria. Youtube Go which is a lite version of the Official Youtube App, Consumes less data and can play videos even in 2G Network. This is the same theory google used to lunch Google Go. It is a lite version of  Google Search App designed mainly for Android Go Edition Device, Which is for devices running with 1GB Ram or less.

Google Go has been designed and programmed to work smoothly on slow internet connection and on 2G Network, which aim is to make searching Google more simpler and easier. After opening the app after installation, you will be presented with options to search, do a voice search, search for images, search for GIFs, videos, translation and more.

Google Go came with two languages that allows you to search with either of the two languages or both at a time and with a one tap you can swap the search results between the two languages. So if you still use an android device with 1GB ram or less, upgrade now to free space and run your smartphone smoothly. 

Checkout 9mobile Rhino 2 - Cheapest Smartphone Right Now

9mobile Nigeria has lunched Rhino 2 smartphone which is a low-budgeted Smartphone with low-end features and specifications. The specs are low end and it comes with an affordable price.

The phone uses Dual micro SIM with only 2G and 3G support. So, it doesn’t support 4G LTE. 9mobile Rhino 2 has 4.0 inch display with good camera of 2.0MP back camera and 0.3MP front facing camera. It runs on Android 7 Nougat and backed up with 1GB RAM and 8GB inbuilt memory storage, that is expandable using a MicroSD card. It’s powered by 2300mAh Li-Ion battery capacity with Quad-core 1.3GHz processor.

The phone is probably for those who just want a good working smartphone for their business or as an alternative to their high-end device.

Need to have one? It costs N14,500 and You can get it at the 9mobile E-store Here.

05 December 2017

MTN Unlimited YouTube Videos Download Cheat For December 2017

Hello guys, Today i bring to you a brand new MTN cheat to rock this December 2017 but the bad news is that this cheat works only on YouTube Go and is a night cheat. This cheat allows you enjoy non-stop YouTube video streaming and downloading using the YouTube Go app and your MTN night plan.

So those of you that loves YouTube, this is your time to watch and download videos as you like via MTN and the YouTube app. Before I give you the procedures, let's take a look at other necessary information. Remember this cheat works only at night between the hours of 12am and 4am.

✔ Your MTN Sim
✔️ A good 3G/4G network
✔️ YouTube Go app (download here)
✔️ Any device > windows phone, Android,
iOS or PC!


To subscribe for MTN N25 for 500MB Night Plan dial *406*4# and follow the
prompt message by dialing 1.

Note: it's required you migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff by dialing *406*1# (if you are not yet on pulse).


✔️ After subscribing to the plan, ensure
you finish the plan (500mb) on time before
✔️ Having finished the 500Mb, wait for about 1-2 minutes to start the
YouTube app.
✔️ From there you can watch unlimited videos, download as you like until 4am. The cheat stops once it's time. The interesting part is that it's unlimited so no data cap.

☑️ SEE ALSO: How to Get Free 100mb From MTN

This is usable only on YouTube app and the newly introduced YouTube Go app. Share this trick to all your friends who love youtube. Stay glued and remain blessed

Download GB Instagram v1.20 for Android With New Features

GB Instagram which is another product of the mooders of GBWhatsapp has updated its its Instergram mod to suit the latest app update of official version of Instagram. Just like GB Whatsapp, GB Instagram also has very cool features which official version of Instagram doesn't have. These features includes ability to download Photos/Videos in once click without the help of an external app instead of screen-shooting the your whole screen and cropping your desired images which you end up having low quality images.

GBInstagram is getting quite popular because of its cool features which are still missing in the official version of Instagram. This version of Instagram is developed by Atnfas Hoak, which is also the same modder of GBwhatsapp. So i think we own him a Big thank for making our favorite apps easy to use.

Let's look at the main features of GB Instagram below. Note that this is just the first release of the app and is expected to have some bugs as more versions with new features would be released.

✔️ ALSO SEE...Top 3 Instagram Tips and Tricks You Should Know


  • Users can download images, stories and videos at will.
  • Users can upload videos, stories and images like the original Instagram.
  • Free will to translate comments into any language.
  • Copying of comments is made possible.
  • Conversation themes and backgrounds can easily be changed.
  • Photos support Zoom in/out.
  • Automatic audio support for videos.
  • No root required for use.
  • Can be used at same time with original Instagram application.


So thats it. No more stree when you want to download instagram Pictures or videos. Please share this post with friends using the share buttons below to also make live easier for them. Stay glued and remain blessed.

Google Play Best Apps, Games, Books, Movies and TV Shows of 2017

As 2017 about to end, Google has shared its Best Of 2017, A compiled list of its best Apps, Games, Songs, Movies, TV Shows and book. All these are offered in Google play store. As we all know, some of this stuffs are for sale in google play store.

So without wasting much time, am going to share with you Google Play’s Best Apps, Games, Books, Movies and TV Shows of 2017. I will also encourage you to bookmark this site because before this moth runs out, I will compile my own list of Best Apps Of 2017 for you.

Google Play’s Best Apps, Games, Books, Movies and TV Shows of 2017

Best app of 2017

Socratic – Math Answers & Homework Help

Socratic is an educational app where young people can go to get tips and share work with friends. The app features an AI component that can help determine solutions to your specific problems when you upload a photo of them.

Best Game Of 2017

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

CATS arrives from the creative minds behind puzzle classic Cut the Rope, but unlike that albeit excellent title, this is a more action-packed affair.

Most Popular New Apps Of 2017

  • Photo Editor – Beauty Camera & Photo Filters
  • What The Forecast?!!
  • Boomerang
  • TopBuzz Video: Viral Videos, Funny GIFs &TV shows
  • Yarn – Chat Fiction

Most Popular New Games Of 2017

  • Super Mario Run
  • Bubble Witch 3 Saga
  • Magic Tiles 3
  • CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars
  • Ballz

Top Five Streamed Songs of 2017

  • HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar
  • Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
  • DNA. by Kendrick Lamar
  • Mask Off by Future
  • Body Like A Back Road by Sam Hunt

Top Five Movies Of 2017

  • Moana
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Wonder Woman (2017)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  • Doctor Strange

Top Five TV shows Of 2017

  • Game of Thrones
  • Rick and Morty
  • The Walking Dead
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Doctor Who

Top Five Books Of 2017

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson
  • It by Stephen King
  • The Battlemage by Taran Matharu
  • Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
  • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

03 December 2017

Download FIFA 18 ISO PPSSPP Game For Android

The long awaited FIFA 18 ISO version is now available for you to download and play on your Android phone through PPSSPP emulator. Dont get it twisted as this is still the unofficial version of the game as the developers hasn't released the official version yet.

FIFA 2018 has now been improved with lots of interesting features like the graphics, players, master league and other new leagues added as well as exhibition match mode, stadium and team kit are all updated and improved. The game also has support for Multiplayer mode too.

  • PPSSPP Emulator - Download here
  • At least up to 1GB RAM and for HiOS devices 2GB RAM and up
  • At least up to 8GB free internal storage space
  • Your Android device must be Android 4.4 and above.

✔️ Name: FIFA 18 PPSSPP
✔️ Version: Tabaru
✔️ Genre: Soccer game
✔️ Developers: EA Sports
✔️ Size: 830MB
✔️ OS: Android 4.4 and up.



  1. Open the Fifa 18 you just downloaded from the link above
  2. After that, extract the zip file using ESFile Explorer (It will demand a password, use gamernafzyoutube as password)
  3. Next, open the extracted folder and copy the FIFA2018.iso to SDcard > PSP > Game folder.
  4. Now, open the PPSSPP apk you installed and locate the Game folder and tap on FIFA 2018 icon. Once you do this, you have finally installed the game and can now enjoy the ISO PPSSPP Version on your Android Phone or tablet.

That's all friends. If you experienced any difficulty while setting this up, kindly leave a comment below and I'll reply you almost immediately.