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21 November 2016

How to unlock an iPhone and activate once unlock is done.

How to unlock an iPhone and activate once unlock is done. Goodluck Okereke 5 of 5
When you purchase an iPhone from a service provider with contract , it is locked to that carrier, which means that you can't use it wi...

When you purchase an iPhone from a service provider with contract , it is locked to that carrier, which means that you can't use it with a different carrier in the same country or abroad.  Additionally, it usually requires a 1 or 2 even 3 -year contract, meaning that you must pay a monthly service fee for Calls, messaging and cellular data and this won’t work with any other carriers (Some carriers unlock phones after the contract period though mostly not).

If you plan on using different carriers or travelling to different country (to get rid of expensive roaming charges) , the only way is to get a phone that works with any GSM carrier or to get your phone factory unlocked and this iPhone will work with any GSM carrier in the world.

Q. How to Order an iPhone Factory unlock?
A. Factory unlocks are Carrier & country specific. first you need to know which carrier & country your iPhone currently locked to (You can use any IMEI / Carrier checking service in eBay to know these details), Once you know it, you need to buy unlock service for the same carrier and country and wait for the time specified

Some services don’t support all the iPhone models, so you need to check supported models in the listing before placing order. And some services supports only clean IMEI / ESN, which means if your phone currently blocked / barred / blacklisted then it may not support and there will be specific service only for barred phones which says “ALL IMEI” 

If you need  to get your iPhone factory unlocked, Please buy the Factory Unlocking Services from our eBay Store, If your carrier is not listed there then you can always send us an eBay message and check the availability and price

How to Activate an iPhone after unlock. 
First of all, make sure you have latest version of iTunes installed (free to download) in your computer and it’s connected to Internet (It would be better if you have Wi-Fi connection and it’s connected to phone as well) 
(If you have any data in the phone that you want to keep, then it’s recommended to take a backup / Copy before you do the activation / Restore or you may lose your data) 
If you have already upgraded your phone to latest version of iOS and stuck in the in the activation screen then just insert a SIM (Non-Original carrier SIM card) and connect to Wi-Fi and go through activation process and it would be unlocked.  
If not the above, then connect your iPhone to computer, keep iTunes open in the PC, mostly it would be unlocked now itself (you may get an activation error, if so then just disconnect the cable and connect again), if not, keep it connected then go to phone’s settings - general - reset - reset all settings.  
if above steps didn't work or you have older iOS version or if your iPhone Jailbroken then you need to restore or upgrade to latest version of iOS and follow first step, then your phone would be unlocked. (You mostly get something like in the picture below in iTunes or you must be having carrier signal in the phone)

Please note that some iPhones may not work in the same country with different carrier after unlock if it was blacklisted / barred / blocked earlier, but works in any other country and carrier. This one has nothing to do with unlock service, if this issue arises, then you need to contact your previous carrier and get your phone removed from blocked / blacklisted / barred list.
VERY IMPORTANT - If you are unlocking a second hand/pre-owned iPhone then you MUST ensure that "iCloud / Find my iPhone" feature (can be found in settings) is disabled / removed before ordering unlock service if you don't know the user name and password of currently activated iCloud account. And the same thing happens if you forgot your own user name password (if it’s your own phone and you know these details then you are good to go for unlock). 

In order to activate the iPhone after unlock, Most of the iPhones require to update / restore to latest iOS in the phone. Apple has added a new activation security lock feature in iOS7 which prevents activation without the original owners ICloud details if it’s active. 

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