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11 December 2016

Meaning Of Rooting Android OS - Its Advantages And Disadvantage

Meaning Of Rooting Android OS - Its Advantages And Disadvantage Goodluck Okereke 5 of 5
ROOTING of phone is not a new stuff of today but for the sake of those who have no idea,This article will give you a deep explanation r...

ROOTING of phone is not a new stuff of today but for the sake of those who have no idea,This article will give you a deep explanation regarding rooting of various types of Android devices and what are the benefits of rooting. You may be heard or read something regarding this process but you are not sure that you will be able to do this. Don’t worry, if you can do it correct you will be able to consume ultimate benefits from your smart device. Manufacturer’s say that you void the warranty and your device will not properly after rooting. Though you void the warranty, you can have plenty of benefits with your device.

In IOS OS rooting is called JAILBREAKING, but i dont encourage IOS users to jailbreak there devices because the security system in IOS devices is more higher than the one in android devices and any little mishandling will cause the total breakdown of the device and it cannot be retrived unlike android which its backup can be restored or stock rom flashed. So IOS users should get an android device to enjoy developers ability.



This is what every android user prays for.A phone with a fast performance and q good battry life and than that can be activated fully on an android phone.Two phones of the same brand ,one with root access and the other with non cannot be compared together because the rooted phone is 90% better than the unrooted phone(quote me any where).


Next significant benefit will make you wonder. Rooted device will help you with improved backups and restore options. It can back up your system settings and downloaded apps. It also can make backups with your contacts and SMS. Most of the rooters try “Titanium Backup” a popular back up app for their rooted devices. This app will assist you to make scheduled and automated backups for your device.


It’s a common thing that smart device manufacturers are always late with the updates. Even it’s a latest release, they take a long time to release the next update. When we consider aged devices sometimes they have stopped their developments in updates. Why should we wait for those updates? Just simply root your mobile. They are plenty of custom updated on the internet and you can download them and apply to your device. I prefer XDA forums. Their developers are always looking for best solutions regarding rooted devices.


Are you fed up with your smart device’s stock ROM? There are plenty of customized ROMs and they offer so many unique and different dedicated features to fulfill your needs. Cyanogen Mod, Paranoid, Cataclysm and Resurrection Remix are the most popular custom ROMs and those were developed by big third party development teams.  You will also be able to find some other smaller developers working on developments of ROMs to gain improved battery life and higher performance through the hardware aspects of the device.


Earlier versions of all the smart phones were slow, so they needed an extra force to speed up. Stock configuration doesn’t allow you to do the Overclocking. Rooted smart device will give you the privilege for overclocking. Latest android devices are really faster than the previous models, in order to that overclocking is not essential. Think you have a device with powerful performance and you need to save battery life, under clocking is the only answer for this. For an optimum operation a device doesn’t consume all the power, resources can be managed as per the need.


You’ll have instant access to all the core files of your device as rooting provides you the administrative privilege to your android device. Apps can have the advantage by allowing you to access, move, copy and manage files easily. Not only that, it allows you to install any .apk file without downloading through play store. Custom ROM users can use ROM manager to install and fix the OS without flashing again and again.


Rooting will provide you a wide range of customizing and theming options, most of the android users struggling to maintain an attractive home screen. Stock themes will not assist you to fulfill this. You can change the appearance by using a third party launcher, but it will reduce your device performance. Installation of themes can also be done by flashing zip files to the recovery. You will also be able to access the /system/fonts directory, it allows you to install custom fonts to your device and you can select any one from them.


You can automate your device using several apps. Consider “Tasker”, it will automate anything on your mobile. There is no need to root the device. If you have rooted, the scope that the “Tasker” automates can be increased. Certain tasks such as changing network mode, switching GPS, Controlling CPU speed and screen on/off control can be done using this app. To get the maximum benefit from this type of apps you should definitely root your device.


Ads become annoying when popping up at the middle of an app. Rooting is the best way to stop those disturbing popups. Some apps may help you to block ads, but the will not be able to block all the ads popping up from different sources.  If you are not rooted, try switching off your mobile data or putting your mobile to airplane mode.


Finally, all those benefits can be gathered in to a single basket, rooting gives you the total ownership of your mobile. Manufacturers and carriers try obstruct you by limiting access to your device, but now you have acquired all the possible methods to break those limits fearlessly.


You can get the unlimited access to the system files, user themes and other memory blocks. No need to worry about unwanted and pesky bloat ware. Manufacturer’s pre-installed unwanted apps can be removed instantly within simple taps on the application manager. You will be able to manage your whole device memory and keep the things that you really want. Android 4.1 and above allows you to disable pre-installed apps but it doesn’t allow you to completely remove those apps. Please do not delete some crucial apps, your device may stop working.

DISADVANTAGE OF ROOTING                      
I dont personally see any disadvantage in it as long as i have a backup and the stock rom of my device but i just want to point this out for you to know what you are going in to. Ihave already pointed out the fact that:
  • You End up Voiding Phone’s Warranty
This also means that whatever you do is at your own risk and that you no longer have a warranty of your device after rooting.What ever happens to your device is your own cup of tea.

  • Bricking of the phone
This happens when you miss use root access,you phone will get into bootloop mode whichh cannot start the OS. This problem can be easily fixed on Android version below v 5.0 lollipop if you have a Backup or your device Stock rom,As for version 6.0 and 7.0,am still rechearching to know if it can be fixed.In my later post,am gonna stress on how to unbrick phones with complete tutorial.

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