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22 January 2017

How To Use WiFi And Mobile Data Simultaneously On Android

Due to open source nature of Android, there are no limits to the possibilities of features developers can add in their apps. Or rather we can say developers can give more functionality to Android itself. Thus, users are always looking for ways to make the best of their Android smartphone. And yet, we have a great trick for you. If you are tired of waiting for your downloads to complete, we have a great solution for you. When you download a file, your phone has an option to choose between your mobile data and your WiFi connection. The default setting is go for any one of them. But most users don’t know that you can change this setting you can simultaneously use your mobile data and WiFi connection to download your files at double speed. Imagine 3G/4G speed added to your WiFi connection. Your phone will therefore use WiFi and mobile data  simultaneously to download files at a much faster speed as well as better connectivity. Then you don’t have to wait for a long time for downloads to finish. Maybe it is a heavy app or an HD video, you can have the benefit of speeds from WiFi and mobile data as well. This will be very helpful to most Android users and it is very easy to use. But due to some permission restrictions in Android, you need to root your phone.

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 How To Use WiFi And Mobile Data Simultaneously On Android.

Step 1: First of all, Install Super Download:
This app is available on the Google Play store in 2 versions. The first one is a Paid App. There is also a LITE version but it has a limit of 50 MB. Links are given below. we suggest trying the LITE version first to see if this guide works for your phone and you can use WiFi and Mobile Data simultaneously.Am going to give the link to both the paid and free version.You can also support the developer if you think it is worth it by buying the paid version from playstore.
                             super download booster
                                               Super Download pro – Booster          
  Image result for download now                                       Image result for get it on playstore

                                             Super Download Lite – Booster

Image result for download now                                          Image result for get it on playstore

Step 2 : Provide SuperUser permissions.

Step 3 : Go to settings of the app and make sure Dual network has a check mark.

Step 4 : Copy a link from your browser for any file you want to download. Then use Super download to paste and download the file.

n conclusion, you can easily achieve highest download speeds by using WiFi and Mobile data simultaneously on Android. For any query, write to us  in comments below.Remain blessed.