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13 January 2017

Why your Phone Overheats And How To Fix OverheatingIssues

Why your Phone Overheats And How To Fix OverheatingIssues Goodluck Okereke 5 of 5
Our phones has become part of our lives in the sense that people find it difficult to stay a whole day without operating their phones.most ...

Our phones has become part of our lives in the sense that people find it difficult to stay a whole day without operating their phones.most people use their device the whole day without giving it a rest  and this is the only reason why you mobile phone gets over heated in todays article we are going to share something which is important for you to know about it and how can you solve this over heating issues.

Peoples says heating issues are just because of Chipset apart from that it is also about usability of your phone.Well that the truth because low end phone uses MTK chipsets which do over heat unlike phone made from Snapdragon chipsets.Overusing of Mobile phone may burn your motherboard or else it may explode your phone battery and it may also reduce the phone performance.

Possible Reasons Why  Your Phone Overheats

#Overusing Of Mobile Phone:
When you are using you are overusing you mobile phone you should take care that you don’t use Internet much, mostly in summer and don’t take your mobile phone everywhere and give some rest to your device when you feel that your mobile phone is getting overheated Switch-OFF your device for 15 to 20 mins and then use it for less time

#Using Your Phone While Charging:

This is the biggest problem which you might be hearing through out the world by messages by saying that don’t use your mobile when it is getting charged. I will suggest you only use mobile phone when it is too important. Nowadays people uses power bank and while charging they use their mobile phone even that is the bad practice. Don’t attend calls when your phone is getting charged and remove the charger pin when you are any attending call.

#Maximum Brightness Or Using Auto Brightness:

Keeping your phone brightness too high may lead to heat up your phone it may drain your battery too fast.At the same time high brightness affects your display and when you aren’t using your mobile phone your feel some hot thing is in your pocket. Heating issues may lead your device may get slow and its better to keep low brightness and just use maximum brightness when it is necessary to use at that particular time.

#Playing High End Games

We won’t say you to stop playing high end games, this is the reason why people buys flagship mobile phones and if you don’t play games it will be no use. So I will suggest you to play game but for less time play one level or one mission at a time which will be good for your phone and you can see the changes in your mobile phone by doing so changes.

#Too Much Use Of Internet

Nowadays using of internet in our life has became our daily need one cannot imagine life without internet so it is better to switch off your wifi and data connection. When you aren’t using it and use your data when you need it and give your mobile phone break of 30 minutes when you aren’t using it

How to Reduce Overheating In Phones.

  • Don’t overuse your mobile phone.
  • Give your mobile phone some rest of 15 mins in one hour usage
  • Don’t use your phone when it is on charging, attend calls by taking out charging pin from your mobile phone
  • Use your phone at lowest Brightness. Using your phone at maximum brightness is not necessary all the time
  • Play Games but for less time just play one mission or one level at a time and keep your phone as it is for sometime.
  • Switching off your packet data and wifi connection is must when you aren’t using it. Ignore games when your phone is on charging.
  • Update your mobile phone, when ever you receive new updates just update your device. It may solve some bugs of your mobile phone.
  • Wash Your Mobile Phone. Oh! Wait it doesn’t mean you wash your phone with soap and water it means delete unused files and deleting some old videos and songs.

Advance Method To Reduce Smartphone Overheating

This method is for android users who has root privilage.Follow the steps below to activate it:
After the above steps,you should be able to see your phone temprature on your status bar and also experience a drop in your phones temprature.

So if you want to add up some points comment below and if you need any help shoot a comment below and we will surely help you out. Thanks for visiting and Keep visiting for more updates and REMAIN BLESSED.

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