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02 February 2017

How to Get a Free Payoneer MasterCard (Plus $25 Bonus Free)

Are a blogger, a freelancer or an affiliate marketer,or an internet buyer, you always want to get your payment as easily as possible. But if you are from one of the Paypal unsupported countries like Nigeria and some other countries, it might be a bit difficult for you to get your payment. To get paid quickly, you can use Payoneer global payments service.

Payoneer makes it easier to get paid online. It is a New York based online payment solution that handles money transfer safely and securely to over 200 countries worldwide. It offers a Free Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® that can be used on MasterCard supported ATM booths.

What Is Payoneer?
payoneer is an industry-leading global payout platform that simplifies the world of commerce by removing limitations that typically surrounds international commerce.
As a payout company, Payoneer works just like Paypal. It started its journey under the membership of MSP (Member Service Provider) MasterCard.
It gives you and I the opportunity to possess a free MasterCard (Debit Card) which is accepted worldwide for payments & transactions.
Payoneer came into being in 2005 and has its headquarter in New York. Its reliability as a payment platform has made it popular around the world as it is used in almost 200 countries.
In this guide, I will explain how you can obtain this card in Nigeria in order to receive online payment.
I will put this down in a step by step process so that you can quickly take action.

Why We Need Payoneer Master Card.

As a Nigerian, you must be well aware of the restriction PayPal has placed on Nigeria. This has seriously handicapped Nigerians who are willing to carry out online transactions with other countries.
For example, you may have a product to sell but because you lack PayPal it becomes difficult for you to receive payment.
Or perhaps you need to get the latest WordPress theme, however, the inability to have a pay pal account makes it difficult to make online purchases.
These are some of the problems that Nigerian face and a major reason why you need to obtain the card.
You need the card because it allows Nigerians to make purchases online as well as to receive payment from other countries. The best part of it is that you can easily register for one and make money in the process.


Step#1. Visit Their Website and Sign up HERE
                                                        Image result for payoneer
Step #2 Fill in Your Personal Detail(first name,last name,email and date of birth)


Step #3 Fill in Your Contact Detail
Where your address is required ensure you put in the correct address. Filling in an incorrect address will make you misplace the card as the card won’t be delivered to you.Make sure you input your correct address and your state postal code.For Nigerians,Click Here to locate the postal code for your state postal code.

Step #4 Fill in Your Security Detail
In this section you would be requested to fill in your password, ensure you use letters and numbers in order to make the password strong. If you fail to use them, you will be unable to conclude the registration

Step #5 Fill in The Almost Done Section
In this section you’ll be requested to provide an ID card. You can use a passport, a national ID or drivers license. Just input the number of your card into the space provided.

After filling in the ID details you will need to tick the box as shown below.

After this you can click the submit button.

Step #6: Check Your Mail
You would receive a mail requesting you to click order confirmation. Click on the link and wait for about 15 minutes. After 15 Minutes, you would receive another message approving your request.

So this is it.If you follow the steps above you will get your mastercard within two weeks.I registered on January 7,2017 and my card got delivered on January 25,2017.Below is a  prove of my card that got delivered.

In case you still found any difficulty, dont hesitate to shoot your comments below so i can help you.Also share this post to your friends.Remain blessed. 

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