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12 February 2017

Simple Way To Remove Scratches From Your Phone

It look so unattractive when the screen of your Android phone get cracked and the cost of replacing it is always costly.
Some of them do affect the touch pad of the screen that's why screen guard was produced. But not every one has a screen guard, so his or her Android phone is liable of getting cracked.
There are approximately several ways to remove scratches from your Android phone. So just sit back and relax while I show your how.

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  •  The scratched phone
  •  A neat towel 
  •  A white toothpaste 
==>Get the necessary materials ready
==>Grab the neat towel and toothpaste

==>Apply a little of the paste in the towel
==>Rub the towel which is containg the paste on the affected area
==>Now wait for about 5mins for it dry
==>Use a dry towel to clean the affected area
==>Congrats, the scratches are finally gone.

It very easy, you don't need to spend much at all.Just follow the procidurers above and all the scratches will be gone like magic.
Stay glued to us,Share this awsome trick and remain blessed

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1 comment:
  1. Hmmmm... Dis is serious, well I will keep it in mind incase my neighbor phone scratches