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16 February 2017

What Makes A Good Composition?

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This is an interesting topic, because it’s often down to a matter of opinion. What one may consider a great photo, another may consider a n...

This is an interesting topic, because it’s often down to a matter of opinion. What one may consider a great photo, another may consider a not so great photo. The rule of thirds is the most basic theory in making a good composition, but it’s not always the best. In many cases centering your subject could make for a much better shot, especially when you’re targeting a definite subject, and you want to highlight this.

I’m not suggesting you ignore the rule of thirds, because that would be very hypocritical of me, as I’ve previously praised it as an effective tool for new photographers. I’m only suggesting to not limit yourself to the rule of thirds, explore new techniques.
There’s even mirrorless camera’s that can give you guides, and actually with the YI M1 mirrorless camera you can download ‘Master Guides’, which is perfect if you’re a photography noob. There are tons of camera apps out in the market and this is one of the easiest one to start with.
Here I will give some top tips to improve the composition of your photos, whether you’re using a DSLR, mirrorless, or even an action camera.

  • The Viewpoint
This is something that often goes unnoticed for amateur photographers, and you’ll probably notice that your composition is lacking something, but you’re just not quite sure what it is.
Every day we see the world through our own eyes, and as we grow older this viewpoint becomes higher, and eventually we reach an age where everywhere we look it remains the same. Remember when you were young and your father put you on his shoulders? The world looked so magical and captivating from up there, but now imagine going back to being a toddler, it’s hard to remember what life looked like from down there.
Well, that’s the beauty of photography, now we can capture images from almost any viewpoint we want to. It can make buildings look taller, or people look smaller.
Look at this picture for example:
This is only a slightly elevated viewpoint but it is still captured from above eye level and adds an element of charm, particularly when taking the other compositional features in to account.
This brings me on to the next point:

  • An Interesting Subject

We can use the same photo as an example for this. Not only have we captured an interesting subject (facing towards, while everyone else faces to the left) but we’ve captured her at the perfect moment, making for an even more captivating composition.
Time your photos. Wait for the right moment, and don’t be afraid to wait it out for the right moment. This photo is great because I can also use it as an example for my next point!

  • Not Always Following The Rule Of Thirds

Would this picture have had the same charm if it followed the rule of thirds? Certainly not. Having the main subject in the center of this picture draws all the attention to her, and only her. The rule of thirds is particularly useful when we have two or three main subjects, or simply just one subject with no other distractions.
You’ll find that over time there’s actually many techniques you can use to create better compositions, but these three are enough to get you started. Experiment with other settings on your camera to add different elements with your compositions, that’s all part of the fun. Happy snapping with your mirrorless camera!

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George Finlayson is an educator and professional writer with a BA in Creative Writing. He was born in London, England but currently resides in Shanghai, China. He has recently developed a great interest in photography and has begun a new venture into writing about photography and videography for beginners, and related topics. With so many technical details in digital photography, George likes to keep things simple so that everyone can understand and feel a part of the ever-growing global photography community.YI Store | YI Technology 

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