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21 March 2017

How To Find A Missing Or Stolen Android Phone - 2017 Updated Method

Have you misplaced or lost your phone before, and you had no hope of getting it back, This post is definitely for you because i will teach you how to locate your lost android phone using some few know tricks. Thanks to technology and more security improvements in the mobile network industry. Android users can easily locate their lost Android devices remotely.

Meanwhile, before your Android phone can be located when lost, there are certain requirements that must be set in place for it to be possible. One of the major requirements is GPS. Others are stated below.

✔️ Your smartphone’s GPS or location access has to be turned on(It must be in the highest accuracy mode. Simply go to Settings>Location> Enable it and set it to High Accuracy Mode
✔️ You need to be signed in to your Google Account
✔️ The stolen or missed smartphone must still be turned on
✔️ The stolen smartphone must have an active internet connection, be it mobile data or Wi-Fi
✔️ The stolen smartphone must have been linked to Google by you

✔️ First Visit Find My Phone By Google ( Make sure you are signed in with your google account)
✔️Then click on any phone you want to find
✔️ After selecting the phone, inpute your google password and proceed to the next page, Then click on locate
✔️ It takes about one minute to locate the accurate location of the phone so you have to be patient. After locating the location, it will show it to you in the map

So with the information in the map, you can easily track down the stolen phone and get it back.
Here are some other things you can do on your lost phone with this service;

✔️ Make your phone ring out loud (even if it's muted)
✔️ Lock your phone
✔️ Set a password to lock your screen
✔️ Write a note to the finder (optional)
✔️ Try calling your phone
✔️ Sign out on your phone
✔️ Reach out for local help
✔️ Consider erasing your device

You Are Highly Recommended To Watch This 1 min video On How To Locate Your Lost Or Stolen Phone

In conclusion, for this to work perfectly, your GPS should be turned on regularly. Although there are disadvantages as well but the advantage can not be overemphasized. I hope you learnt a new thing today. Help share this by hitting the Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter share buttons below for others to be aware.

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