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21 March 2017

Top 5 Android Apps For Students

Top 5 Android Apps For Students Goodluck Okereke 5 of 5
A student’s life is equally hectic and fun-loving! During the tussle with the best of both worlds, the most significant thing he can rel...

A student’s life is equally hectic and fun-loving! During the tussle with the best of both worlds, the most significant thing he can rely on is his gadget, the Smartphone. Today, the Smartphone applications can do wonders! Often trivial stuffs utilize heavy amount of hours. The time can smartly be managed by handling its responsibility to the apps built for welfare and betterment of student’s life.

Following are the best Android apps that are must in every student’s Smartphone;

√ RealCalc: Scientific Calculator

A simple calculator can be found in all the cell phones. At the outer edge, students have to deal with lot of calculations including exponentials, trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions and what not! The scientific calculators are designed to calculate problems in science, engineering, and mathematics. RealCalc is one such app, widely used for its provision of aforementioned functional abilities. You definitely cannot miss its typical look of a physical ccalculator

√ TWORDS List is an award winning app known for its smooth and user-friendly task creating and managing abilities. It basically has six broad categories in which you can classify your tasks, namely, Personal, School, Work, Places to Visit, Movies to Watch and Grocery List. There is also a provision for adding user-defined categories. Select the default categories and sign up for your account. Enter your tasks based on the time period you wish to get it done. You can attach multimedia notes to your tasks and set reminders.

√ Scribd: Online Library
Known to be the largest digital library, Scribd consists of plenteous e-books, audiobooks, comics and other documents. It is obvious that students need to refer various books in order to gain knowledge about even a small bit of tdopic. Not free of cost except two weeks free trial, it charges 8.99 USDs per month for the membership wherein the price is worth its service. You can enjoy reading anytime and anywhere as it stores the titles offline. Interestingly, it is referred to as ‘Netflix’ for books; a reader’s paradise for sure!


MalMath: Math Made Easy

Scientific Calculators cannot do all wonders in aid for complicated mathematics problems, especially when it comes to calculus. MalMath is one of the best math apps that come up with solutions for the problems you enter on its Worksheet along with display of graph for the same. This is not only for those who find math freaking difficult, the option for Problem Generator attracts the math lovers too! It creates its own problems based on the math topic and level of difficulty you choose.

This dictionary app is a very useful tool for Android users. Of course, it has definitions—and as the name suggests, they are all available offline. But there are a few other options that make this a great app for an English learner.
You can create flashcards in this dictionary, and study them whenever you need to. You can look through a list of grammar lessons and listen to sample sentences. You can play “Hang On, Man,” a Hangman-like game that tests your knowledge of vocabulary.
This app has American and British spellings. So if you’re looking for a British dictionary, this is a good one.

So this is it guys and baes. Every student is suppose to har aby of these apps so as to nake the study work nore denser and easier. Dont forget to share this post and remain blessed

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