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25 April 2017

5 Biggest Smartphone Myths That Will Never Die Off

5 Biggest Smartphone Myths That Will Never Die Off Goodluck Okereke 5 of 5
Nowadays there are many mobile phones launched in many countries. There are many features available in those phones. Such as some phones ...

Nowadays there are many mobile phones launched in many countries. There are many features available in those phones. Such as some phones is having 6GB RAM and some phones is having a good customization and features. Those phones are of very high price range. I am today going to tell you biggest Smartphone Myths.

5 Biggest Smartphone Myths That Aren’t True

Whenever you buy any smartphone then you take care of that phone same as a newborn baby born in your house. You install Antivirus softwares, Cleaners and other software which

#1 Smartphone With Multi-Core Processor are Faster.

Nowadays people thinks that phones with multi-core processor works fast. This is true but only 30%. Why? Check our below example.
If you are having any Android device which is having 1GB RAM and multi core processor and with an operating system of TouchWiz (Old One) then your phone will get some glitches.
At the same place when you will see iPhone in 1GB RAM and dual core will perform better. This is the best thing about the phone. Just because of its operating system.
Just because of the operating system. Operating system with best performance such as AOSP which is purely of Google there are less chance of your phone getting glitches. Just because there is no skin install in it. The only skin which is installed is of Google.

#2 Task Killers Will Speed up Your Device.

Task killers are worst if you are having Android device. Android and other operating system knows how to clear cache and other unused application. Why cleaners are not available for iPhone? Just because they don’t need it same as iPhone.

#3 More RAM is Better.

More RAM is never better for your device. Just because if you are having Android device with 6GB of RAM and your phone is consuming only 2GB then it is of no use.
Believe me that 4GB of your phone is unused. You paid 500 $ for 6GB RAM but it is of no use because your phone consumption is less.
If we will take Nexus 5 then it is having just 2GB RAM and it is having the best features. Just because of its operating system and quality of your RAM and hardware. This makes your phone unique from all the device. Still Nexus 5 is known for its speed and performance.
P.S: I don’t say don’t buy phones with 6GB RAM but I will suggest you to use that unused part of your RAM.

#4 More Megapixel, Better Quality

If your phone is having 13MP Camera and that phone you are getting at just 120$ then this is something for show off.
There are many things which is need to checked when you buy a smartphone. Suppose Android device with 5MP is giving your better quality than 13MP. This is just because many peoples know just one thing that is more megapixel means more quality but it is not true at all.

#5 Android Phones Often Get Viruses and Other Malware

When you newly buy any Android device. We take care like a baby in which we just buy or install an antivirus software which cleans all the viruses from our phone.
Sometime we pay them around 5 to 6$ just for security. What this kind of application do? Nothing! They just sit in our phone. Clean our device, Consumes more RAM and nothing.
There is an inbuilt feature in Android whenever you do a sideload of any application it verifies the application that it is having any security related issues or not.
This is the best feature of Android in which you don’t need to do anything. Your Android phone is best in everything. This is the reason why people love Android.

Final Verdict:

I hope you love this article. This were some 5 Biggest Smartphone Myths That Just Won’t Die. You can share this post with your friends and let them know this secrets.
Thank you for visiting and keep sharing this article. Do everyone know about this myths. Peace out.

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