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07 May 2017

10 Most Hilarious Computer Pranks Of All Time You Can Try Out

10 Most Hilarious Computer Pranks Of All Time You Can Try Out Goodluck Okereke 5 of 5
We all love good pranks until they are harmless. If everyone thinks you are a computer nerd then its time to show them your geeky skills....

We all love good pranks until they are harmless. If everyone thinks you are a computer nerd then its time to show them your geeky skills. Here’s a list of most hilarious computer pranks which you could try on your friends and colleagues.


Create a Funny Shutdown Message

 The good news is you can also add a funny message to the shutdown notification. Here’s how to do so.
  • Open notepad and paste the following code:
c:\windows\system32\shutdown -s -t 3000 -c “System error: Too much porn”
  • You can modify the message present in double quotes. Get some humour because that’s the main part of the prank.
  • Now press ctrl+ s to save it and name it with a .bat extension. Also, make sure to select file type as “All files”.

  • Now whenever someone opens the file, he will get the following message:

  • In order to make the file more clickable, you can change its icon and give it an interesting name.

Redirect Websites to Other Website/URL

  • Go to start and search for Notepad. Once you found it Right-click it and select run as administrator.
  • In notepad go to File and select open. At file name paste this file address: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and hit enter.

  • This will open the Windows hosts files. It looks something like this:

  • Now at the end of the hosts file, you need to enter the IP Address of the website where you want some other site to redirect. Confusing? Let me explain.
  • Suppose I want to redirect geeksgyaan.com to facebook.com, so I will open command prompt and type ping www.facebook.com (The site where you want to redirect).
  • This will return the ping status of facebook.com, just copy the IP address by marking it and pressing enter.

  • Once you have copied the IP address switch to the Windows hosts file and paste the copied IP address.
  • Hit tab two-three times and enter the website name which you want to redirect.

  • Now whenever someone tires to visit geeksgyaan.com he will be automatically redirected to facebook.com. You can use this method to redirect educational websites to some naught sites.

Freeze the Desktop Folders

  • First, take a screenshot of your desktop, you can do this by pressing Windows + PrtSc key and then open paint and hit ctrl+ v to paste the screenshot.
  • Now save the image at your favourite location. Further, right-click the image and select set it as desktop background.
  • Right-click on the desktop, select view and uncheck show desktop icon.

  • There you go all the folders and programs on the desktop are unclickable.

Simple Virus Prank

  • Just open Notepad and paste the following code:
X=MsgBox(“Error while opening.Do you want to fix this problem?”,4+64,”My Computer”)
X=MsgBox(“This problem can not be fixed!”,0+48,”My Computer”)
X=MsgBox(“Virus Detected on Your Computer! Do you want to scan your PC?”,3+16,”Virus Alert”)
X=MsgBox(“Access Denied!Virus is Activated”,2+16,”Virus Alert”)
X=MsgBox(“Virus is copying Your Passwords…….”,2+48,”Virus is Activated”)
X=MsgBox(“Deleting System Files……….”,2+16,”Virus is installed on Your System”)
X=MsgBox(“Formatting Hard Drive”,2+16,”Virus is installed on Your System”)
X=MsgBox(“Trojand78.dll is deleting your files.Do you want to stop this?”,4+32,”Window Defender”)
X=MsgBox(“Access Denied! Your Computer is Fucked Up”,0+16,”Virus Alert”)
X=MsgBox(“You cannot access your computer anymore”,2+16,”Your Computer is Hacked”)
  • Note, you can also edit the sentence in double quotes and add a custom message.
  • Save the file in some random location and name it with .vbs extension. Make sure to select file type as “All Files”.

  • Now let’s make the file more clickable. Right click the file and select Send to Desktop.
  • Navigate to Desktop and right click the shortcut file of the script and select Properties.
  • Click on Change Icon, Further select the folder icon and click Ok.

  • Now the script will look like a folder, Make sure to give it an interesting name so that your friends would love to open it.
  • When someone tries to open it, he will get a series of unpredictable errors.

Note – They all are harmless.

Prank All Your Facebook Friends

Just log in to your Facebook account and update the following status:
Guys help me in reporting this fake profile – http://facebook.com/profile.php?=119277941
Now if someone clicks the above link, he will be redirected to his own profile. So now you can fool all your Facebook friends.

Fake Windows Updates

Everyone hates Windows updates. It’s very annoying when Windows is updating, and you keep staring at the computer screen. You can use fakeupdate.net to show fake windows updating on your friend’s computer.
  • Just visit fakeupdate.net and select the desired update theme according to your operating system.

  • Once you have selected the theme press f11 on your keyboard to make your browser go full screen.
  • Now let your friend wait hours and hours to update his computer.
  • Moreover, if he tries to smash the keyword buttons or press enter, then he will get the blue screen of death error.
Rescue method – Press the Backspace button 2-3 times.

It’s His PC, Let’s Make It Large

This is quite simple. It will make your victims PC look horrible and large. All you have to do is Press Windows key and + button 4 to 5 times.

To get things back just press Windows key and – button until it looks normal. Also click the magnifier icon and close the magnifier.

Blue Screen of Death Prank

Blue screen of death is probably the scariest error in Windows operating system. There is a screen saver which displays the blue screen of death error message. You can download this screen saver and apply it on your friend’s computer. Now wherever the screensaver gets activated your friend is screwed.
Download Screen Saver

CENAFY – Chrome Prank

If you want to take your prank to the next level, then you can install a chrome extension called CENAFY. This extension randomly pops up John Cena in Google Chrome. Although there is no perfect timing for it, the video can pop up anytime at anywhere. Try it you will love it.
To disable it simply remove the chrome extension.

The Screen Melt

This is a popular effect which makes your screen look like its melting. You just need to download screen melt program and install it on your victim’s computer.

Now sit back and enjoy some shocking reactions.Dont forget to share it with your friends and family. Stay glued to this blog and remain blessed.

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