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26 May 2017

How To Find the Date of Creation of Your Google Account

Have you ever wanted to know about the date of creation of your Google account? If so, have you ever thought of the procedure? If you ever want to restore your account in the future, then Google will ask some questions and one of them will be the date of creation of your Gmail. 
So, it is very important to make a note of Google account creation.
The simple and easy way to know the account creation date is just checking out the date in your welcome message from Google. You can find the message in your inbox. But in case if you have deleted this mail, then don’t worry here are some steps you can follow in order to find your account creation date.

1. Go to gmail.com with a live browser, preferably chrome or puffin
2. Click on the three line menu,scroll down and click on desktop

3. Once it loads, click on settings located above.

4. Then, click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP

Thats it. What ever date you see is the date you created your google account. Just loke mine

So thats how you can check the date you opened your google account. You should also be able to carry the date at the off-head in case any thing happened to your account. Share this post, stay glued to us and remain blessed.

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