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08 May 2017

Latest Method To Unlock ICloud For Free

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If you want to Unlock iCloud on your Apple device, then this is the right place to get it done. First, you must make an “original” bill. To...

If you want to Unlock iCloud on your Apple device, then this is the right place to get it done. First, you must make an “original” bill. To make this, you must do a check IMEI or something similar, to get the date of purchase, the operator or vendor of origin, serial number and finally the country of origin. Here:, you have the necessary information, you can supplement. Once you have the information, you need to create an invoice with Word or using an invoice template (Photoshop). I have models of several bills resellers/operator already made for you; they are in the download link below.

Unlock iCloud For Free:

  • Creates a Yahoo email address, Hotmail or whatever you want.
  • After that you have to call Apple, you can call several numbers for that, try to vary (not to bump into someone you’ve already contacted! Although, with the number of callers, they will not remember you probably).
  • Available Numbers To Call Apple (iPhone Support):
Support Apple USA (English): 1-800-694-7466

Support Apple USA/Mexico (Spanish): 001-800-692-7753
Support Apple France: (33) 0805 540 003
Support Apple Switzerland: 0800 00 185
Support Apple Belgium (French) 0800 80404
  • You can contact them for free using Skype. Most of the time calls duration is between 20-40 minutes.
  • Once you’re over, give them a name and a surname, you tell them you bought a used iPhone on eBay or something like and you had not made you realize that was connected to an iCloud account until you feel like download apps, you have therefore tried to restore it but now you can not even use it
  • They will search a solution in their documentation, and they will tell you to talk to the seller to ask him to turn off the option (in this case you told them that he does not respond or it’s been over 2 months since you bought it), and then they will ask you if you have the original invoice. Yes, the seller sent it to me with the iPhone!. So they will tell you Great! And will ask you to wait a while, and after they pass you a top employee (Apple advisor).
  • Then they will ask you the information that you see on the invoice or direct your email
    address. So you give them the email address that you created, and it will send you an
    email (or you should send them a), as an attachment to the “original” bill (that you create). As soon as you sent it, they’ll explain what will happen, and you will receive an email:
Either it’s an email telling you that your iPhone been unlocked (YES !!) or
Either it’s an email telling you that they need the original receipt with the
date, the sale price, retailers (or website address) etc.
If this is the case is that the bill has info that are wrong, so you have to contact Apple (giving your case number, and recreate an invoice with the correct information (in this case, you can buy online service to retrieve the data from the linked account to the iPhone, you can use it to put the name on the invoice, address : like Apple ID info on eBay and returned the new
bill to Apple (you tell them that the seller sent a new invoice, or the carrier give you the invoice).
Note: iPhones from Apple Stores are more complicated to unlock, but we already succeeded!. I hope this will help you Unlock iCloud on your Apple devices. For any questions, drop a comment below!

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