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16 May 2017

Netflix Will No Longer Work On Rooted Android Devices

 If you have a rooted Android device, be aware that you may no longer be able to use the Netflix app going forward. The streaming company confirmed that its latest app update will block devices that are not “Google-certified or have been altered” from accessing the mobile service.

While Netflix did not specify why exactly it decided to stop playing nice with rooted devices, the fact that Version 5 of the Netflix app leans on Google’s Widevine digital rights management solution suggests some obvious reasons. As Engadget points out, the purpose of the DRM is to protect media companies from piracy; rooted devices that give users control over the operating system have a greater possibility of circumventing the barrier put forward by the DRM. Though Netflix’s actions may seem well-intentioned, it does negatively impact users who’ve rooted their devices simply for greater control and customization of their phones rather than to bypass security measures.

 To see if your device is affected, check the Netflix app on the Google Play Store , and you’ll see whether the app is still compatible. If not, Android Police suggests a workaround of directly downloading Netflix APKs to receive the latest updates on a blocked device.

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