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25 October 2017

5 Common Blogging Mistakes and Solutions

5 Common Blogging Mistakes and Solutions Goodluck Okereke 5 of 5
Five common mistakes hamstring almost all bloggers at some point during their careers. By pinpointing and honestly owning these errors you ...

Five common mistakes hamstring almost all bloggers at some point during their careers. By pinpointing and honestly owning these errors you can change course and succeed more quickly. Admit these blogging mistakes.  Remove the heavy blogging anchors that seem to be holding you back. Identify if you are making these errors and use the solutions to accelerate your blogging growth.

5 Common Blogging Mistakes and Solutions

1: Chasing that Paper

Paper chasing. The bane of any blogger. This blogging boo boo plagues most new bloggers because they desperately or greedily see blogging primarily as a way to earn some easy money.Fat chance. Guard against this mistake by blogging your passion.

Follow your fun. Pick a blogging niche you feel passionate about. Tie that passion to some pressing problem.
Make your blogging work - since it is really fun/play - feel like the reward. Traffic and profits and comments and social shares will feel like a bonus, moving your attention  from getting to giving.

2: Not Building an Email List

Build an email list. Drive traffic and increase profits on demand. Why do bloggers not capitalize on the sugary sweet benefits of list-building?  Most bloggers make the mistake of not building an email list from day 1 because they secretly don’t believe anybody will sign up for their emails. Other bloggers feel list building will be too costly. Building a list simply gives you another tool in your promotional arsenal. Readers can get your latest blog posts and products at the click of a button. This is a convenient, easy form of marketing that will help you expand your blogging reach substantially.

Consider using a pop up form to capture subscriber information. Stay on topic with each of your blog posts. Email your list valuable, helpful tips through your blog posts, videos and podcast.
List building is an incredibly easy way to connect with your readers quickly. If you aren’t onboard yet, start building your email list today.

3: Trying to Succeed through Your Own Steam

Nobody succeeded being a blogging lone wolf. Solo acts die quickly in the blogging world. Many bloggers fall prey to this all too common error: trying to build a successful blog through their efforts alone. Your friend network will make or break your blogging campaign because your blogging buddies will promote you, endorse you, hire you and buy your eBooks and courses. If you try to do everything on your own you will quickly burn out.

Successful bloggers build large, strong friend networks. Failing bloggers try to go the solo route. Promote other bloggers through social media and your blog. Publish in-depth, thoughtful comments on top blogs. Ask bloggers from your niche how you can help them.
Be generous to form friendships with fellow bloggers. Your blogging friend network will expand your reach far and wide.

4: No Writing Practice

The most simple way to become a skilled blogger is to practice writing 500-1000 words daily in a Word document. Trash the document after you hit your daily writing practice word count. Most bloggers make the common and damaging mistake of only writing when they publish a blog post. Skilled bloggers practice writing in the shadows to shine brightly when they find the spotlight through guest posting and through posting to their own blog.
Set aside time to practice writing daily. Cover your niche. Or simply write about your life. Just write. Gain confidence and clarity in your writing ability.

5: No Accessibility

If you scan through blogs for a few days you may be shocked at a common error: a striking number of bloggers provide no email address or contact form to get in touch with them. This is like running a business without a customer service department. Provide a clear “contact” page on your blog in a highly visible spot. Use a contact form for easy access and include your email address as well as links to social sites where you are most active.
Be accessible. Be trustworthy. Be there to help. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel.

Your Turn. Are you making these mistakes? What mistakes can you add to this list?

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